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Disinfection Services in Palm Beach County

This time in our world can be quite scary, the majority of us have never experienced a global pandemic, the unknown creates fear. To battle that fear and reduce stress in your life and for those you love, disinfection services in Palm Beach County is a step in that direction. While there is not yet proven effective treatment for disinfecting COVID-19, there are EPA approved solutions used in hospitals that are proven to kill other similar strains of respiratory viruses.

Commercial Disinfection in Palm Beach County

For commercial disinfection in Palm Beach County, RestoPro770 has you covered. Our staff is trained and uses full personal protection for all disinfection services. We use EPA approved solutions that are proven effective in killing viruses similar to COVID-19 since there is not yet a guaranteed treatment for this strain. These solutions are hospital grade, to help reduce risks of respiratory viruses in general. Doing commercial disinfection will help you feel more at peace with your employees and customers having a lower risk of contamination.

Industrial Disinfection in Palm Beach County

Industrial disinfection in Palm Beach County is the best option for a company that may be essential and still working. Even if your employees are no longer working, it is a way to ensure that the risks of respiratory viruses are reduced. There is not yet a guarantee that any disinfection will kill COVID-19, but there are EPA approved solutions that are effective in killing other similar viruses, making your industrial area safer for everyone. We all are trying to do our part to help flatten the curve of spreading this virus to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

Virus Disinfection Services in Palm Beach County

To help alleviate stress and fear for you and your loved ones or your employees, virus disinfection services in Broward County is a valid option. Even though the new strain of Corona Virus, COVID-19, does not yet have a proven or EPA approved solution, there are disinfection solutions that are proven with other similar viruses. Our staff takes every precaution during disinfection, such as using full personal protection gear and properly approved equipment.

Even though there are no EPA registered products that can make a specific claim to be effective against this new COVID-19 virus strain. RestoPro770 is taking full advantage of EPA approved solutions used in hospitals for similar viruses. These solutions are used to sanitize for Human Coronavirus, SARS associated Coronavirus and other similar respiratory viruses. These solutions cannot guarantee yet that they are effective in killing the new strain, COVID-19. But they are proven effective in killing other similar viruses. RestoPro770 is here to help serve our community to reduce risk and stress with disinfection and decontamination services in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, and Miami. Contact our office at 888-466-0770 with any questions you may have or to schedule decontamination services.

RestoPro770 uses UltraSnap ATP Surface and Water Damage Testing before and after sanitizing and disinfecting jobs. ATP testing results indicate whether a surface needs to be sanitized. Call 888-466-0770 to schedule testing at your home or business.

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