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Emergency Boardup in Delray Beach

RestoPro770 Roof Tarp Services Those living in beautiful South Florida means so many wonderful things, like the ocean and sandy beaches, watersports, entertainment as so much more. The only true drawback to living in the area is the fact that people must deal with the threat of a hurricane for six daunting months of the year. Most people rarely turn on the weather report until the middle of May, and they rarely stop watching until the season is over. That’s a good thing. The knowledge that a storm may be arriving gives people the time to prepare. Unfortunately, all too many people simply assume the hurricane will turn or that it won’t be as bad as reported. This isn’t good as it’s important to have the house hurricane ready for protection. Those who do not have hurricane shutters generally go to the home improvement to get plywood; however, it is not uncommon for the stores to quickly run out of wood. Without that protection, the glass windows and doors could break from flying debris. This needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. RestoPro770 offers complete boardup services in Delray Beach.

Palm Beach County Broken Glass Boardup

When most people think of a broken window, they often have a picture of a storm slamming branches into the glass. The truth is that something as simple as a child playing catch with a baseball and misses the ball is enough to smash a home’s window. Although this was clearly an accident, the broken window must be covered and eventually repaired. This will prevent rain, bugs and other debris from entering the house. Besides, a broken window is almost like an open invitation to every thief that passes by it. RestoPro770 provides emergency window boardup throughout South Florida.

Boardup Services for Broken Glass in Delray Beach

There doesn’t have to be a hurricane for trees, limbs and branches to break the window glass in the house. A non-tropical storm can create enough wind to toss a tree branch right through a window. In South Florida, everyone is aware that afternoon storms can be quite mild or outright dangerous. RestoPro770 has an emergency crew at the ready to assist in boardup and window repair in Palm Beach County.

Immediate Glass Boardup in Delray Beach

RestoPro770 understands the immediate needs of property owners who have experienced damage to their homes. They provide roof tarp installation, mold damage remediation and boardup services in Palm Beach County. Call 888-466-0770 for all your storm damage needs.