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Roof Tarp Installation in Fort Lauderdale

For people who seek the right blend of nature and extravagance, Fort Lauderdale is the place. Home to more than 180,000 people, Fort Lauderdale offers in residents and visitors with luxurious shopping malls, Mouth watering food options, and a variety of exciting outdoor activities.

Unfortunately, due to heavy rains, hurricanes, and unfavorable weather conditions, homeowners in Fort Lauderdale end up with a damaged roof. A broken or leaky roof exposes the indoor living space of a house to rainwater, and other environmental elements.

After a hurricane, all the means of communication are disrupted, and it takes a long time before the insurance companies can show up and start the coverage process. Meanwhile, to protect an already damaged roof, a roof tarp is the perfect solution.

What is Roof Tarp?

Also referred to as the “Blue Roof” a roof tarp is a blue layer of UV-resistant woven poly. It keeps the roof from further damage, before help arrives. A roof tarp is a strong material that serves as a temporary roof. Installing a roof tarp requires the right skill set and equipment.

Broward County Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

Unfortunately, most people in Broward County are unaware of the harmful effects of a leaky roof. A damaged roof, if left unattended can have the most dreadful outcomes, like the ones mentioned below.

Structural Deterioration

Water that tends to seep through the leakage damages the foundation, walls and ceilings of a house. Furthermore it also harms the lights and fans attached to a ceiling. Apart from jeopardizing the structural integrity of a house, a leakage harms the wooden parts of the rood, including the joints.

Mold Growth

Rainwater that enters a house causes dampness and humidity. Damp spots serve as the perfect environment for mold growth. Mold compromises the structure of the house, causes a pungent smell, discolors the walls, and also causes health hazards among house occupants.

Tripping and Falling

One of the most common outcomes of a leaky roof is tripping and falling. Slipping over accumulated water, can give a person pulled muscles, bruises, wounds and even injuries.

To eliminate the issues mentioned above, a roof tarp must be installed by a professional restoration company like RestoPro770.

Shrink Wrap Installation in Fort Lauderdale

Just like a roof tarp, a shrink wrap too serves as a temporary roof to houses with leaky roofs. A shrink wrap is a layer of transparent plastic that serves as an air-tight barrier between the damaged roof, and environmental elements.

Installing a shrink wrap seems easy, but it really isn’t. However, a professional restoration company like RestoPro770 can install a shrink wrap, and keep the roof from further damage.

Fort Lauderdale Blue Tarp Installation Services

RestoPro770 provides emergency roof tarp installation services in Fort Lauderdale and in Broward County. They also provide water damage repair services and mold damage restoration services in South Florida. Call 888-466-0770 now to request a roof inspection in Fort Lauderdale.