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RestoPro770 is available 24/7 for commercial property owners or homeowners in need of mold damage remediation or water damage restoration services. They also offer fire damage restoration and flood damage restoration in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. To learn more about mold remediation services, call RestoPro770 at 888-466-0770.

How Mold Remediation Works

What is Mold?

It’s important to understand exactly what mold is, before you begin to worry about the mold remediation process. Mold is actually a fungus. The spores are airborne and can get into your building when a door is opened, a loading dock is opened, and can even be brought indoors on people’s clothing and shoes. There’s no getting around the fact that there are mold spores circulating through your property.

Although there are mold spores in your building, that doesn’t mean that mold is already plotting to take over. This problematic fungus enjoys humidity, and makes it home and breeding ground in moist, damp places. This is where it grows, spreads and multiples. Mold is highly invasive and can quickly be transferred to other places within the structure, causing extensive damage.

Clues of the Existence of Mold

Mold rears its nasty head in a myriad of colors and shades. It can be green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, brown, grey or black. Having the hint of these colors in moist places doesn’t necessarily mean your structure has mold; however, it is one of the signs. You will see the spots getting bigger over time, but that means it’s spreading.

In many cases, there is a musky smell. If you’ve ever been in a root cellar, it is akin to that smell of dampness. Once that odor is present, there’s a very big problem. Waiting will only make matters worse. It’s time to call in the professionals at RestoPro770.

The Initial Inspection

The mold remediation expert will first examine the area or areas believed to be infected with mold. He will visually inspect the entire area. The temperature and humidity inside of the building and effected area will be evaluated. The inspector will take a swab of any visual mold. He will also take air samples. The swab and sample will be sent out to a specialized laboratory of evaluation and testing.

The Laboratory Findings

Generally, it takes 72 hours for the findings from the lab to come back to RestoPro770 . The report will provide information as to whether the results were positive or negative for mold, and what kind of mold has been found. They will also provide complete instructions regarding the proper protocol necessary to safely remediate the mold. These findings will be discussed with the property owner, and a copy of the results will be provided to them.

The Contamination Area

Before anything can be done to start removing the mold, the contaminated area/areas must be completely isolated. If it’s in only one room, the windows, doors, and any other openings will be closed and sealed with heavy-duty sheeting. The plastic sheeting will be attached with duct tape to keep the area secure. There will be a split in the plastic so the mold remediators can enter and exit the area easily.

In the event there are multiple areas that tested positive for mold, contamination structures must be build and put in place. These are simply made with 2x4s that are covered with sheeting. They will allow people to be working in areas outside of the contamination field and still be safe.

Removal of Effected Materials

All of the effected areas will be sprayed down to prevent any dust and spores from becoming airborne during the process. Don’t be alarmed that the mold remediation team will be suited up in protective gear and respirators. This is part of the normal process, and is don’t for the safety of RestoPro770’s crew. A dehumidifier and air scrubber will be put in place. The air scrubber doesn’t vent indoors, so don’t be concerned.

Porous materials with mold will be removed. Generally, this is wallboard, carpeting, travertine tiles, and ceiling panels. If the travertine and carpet were atop of wood, the wood might need to be removed as well. Anything that is still damp must also be removed.

Hard surfaces, such as wood or concrete that has growth of fungus will be scrubbed clean to ensure all mold is gone. RestoPro770 works in conjunction with other trades, who handle cleaning and mold removal services for soft surfaces, like furniture, draperies, and area rugs.

Protecting Other Areas

As we’ve discussed, mold spores are airborne. So, before the remediation began, the spores were being sucked up by intake of your HVAC unit. Those spores have been circulating through the building. Therefore, at this point, the HVAC system will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This includes all the ductwork too. This will ensure the air quality will be safe.

The dehumidifier and air scrubber will stay in place for the time indicated on the original laboratory report. After that time has elapsed, RestoPro770 will send an inspector to perform another air quality test. Once the results come back that the air is safe and no longer contains mold spores, your property will be able to get back to normal.

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