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Mold Damage in Lighthouse Point

Mold can be present anywhere, whether inside or outside the house. Humidity and dampness are the two driving forces behind mold growth. It is fairly difficult to detect the presence of mold inside the house. Its presence can be detrimental not only to a house structure, but also the health of the house occupants.

Mold is rather difficult to detect. It cannot be detected until it has reached a significant magnitude. The presence of mold can give a nasty look to the affected area. It weakens the structure of the house. From the medical point of view, it can cause respiratory issues and severe skin allergies. Homeowners in Homeowners in Lighthouse Point often face this problem and mold removal services are much sought after. RestPro770 is one of the finest mold removal and shrink wrapping service providers in Lighthouse point.

Mold Removal in Lighthouse Point

When it comes to mold removal, there is a simple DIY method that most homeowners use. This process involves cleaning of mold with bleach, mold soap and water. The mixture of the three needs to be applied and scrubbed with a soft brush to absolve the affected areas of mold. However, if the problem is out of control then there is no other option but to call a professional mold removal service provider. RestPro770, a professional mold removal service provider in Lighthouse Point, uses the latest and most effective ways to remove mold from interior and exterior surfaces.

Mold Inspection in Lighthouse Point

It is tricky to detect whether or not mold exists in a house. However, there are some signs which point in the direction. Constant coughing, sneezing and a runny nose are signs of mold growth. Another sign of mold is a pungent odor, which bothers house occupants. Mold can also be visible on the walls in the form of ugly, discolored patches. Water leakage is also a sign that mold damage has taken place. Mold also results in moisture on the surfaces of walls. Condensation on glass surfaces and pipes also suggest a slight mold activity in a house. Sometimes, none of the signs are there yet mold continues to grow. In this case, regular inspections by a professional mold removal service provider like RestPro770 need to be carried out.

Mold Remediation in Lighthouse Point

There are certain precautionary measures that can help prevent the spread of mold. These measures include draining the shower area and sinks, controlling humidity levels and fixing leaky roofs. All these things can help in the early stages. Once mold has gone beyond a certain level, there is no other option but to contact a professional mold remediation service provider such as RestPro770. Restopro770 is an IICRC certified restoration company. They provide mold inspection and mold remediation services in Lighthouse Point and throughout Broward County. Call 888-466-0770 for emergency mold removal services in Lighthouse Point.

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