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Mold Damage Services in Cape Coral

Florida homeowners and business owners are no strangers to severe weather including hurricanes. Unfortunately, water causes a variety of damage to property all across Florida. Lee County, which includes Cape Coral was recently hit hard by Hurricane Ian. While the heavy wind that comes with storms as powerful as Ian was can do a lot of visual damage.

However, the water that comes with the torrential downpours and the powerful storm surge, can do much more damage. Unfortunately, much of the damage caused by flood water may not be visible for a while. Mold damage often occurs behind the walls and remains invisible until days and weeks after everything appears to have dried out.

If you live in Cape Coral or elsewhere in Lee County, you have a company that specializes in mold and mold damage assessment and remediation. The Restopro770 company has all of the necessary equipment and trained personnel who can help you restore your home to normal.

Mold Testing Services in Cape Coral

The damage mold can cause in areas like Cape Coral is nothing new to homeowners and business owners. With all of the moisture that is one of the biggest causes of mold growth, it should come as no surprise that Floridians are so familiar with it. Every year as severe weather, including hurricanes, pound the area of the Gulf Coast. With all that moisture that gets trapped behind walls and underflooring, mold continues to grow. Fortunately, there are companies like Restopro770 in the Cape Coral and Lee County area. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to help homeowners and business owners remove mold and repair damage.

Mold Remediation Services in Cape Coral

Dealing with mold should be left to the experts, the harm that inhaling the spores if the mold is disturbed is not anything to mess around with. If you even suspect that there is a mold problem in your home or business, it is in your best interest to contact the experts. The very first step is to identify if there is a mold problem. After that has been established, the job of remediation or removal of all of the affected areas is important. Having a company like Restopro770 involved will ensure that the job will be handled safely and correctly.

Mold Recovery Services in Lee County

Hurricanes and other severe storms pound the Gulf Coast of Florida annually. With these storms comes a whole of rain and flooding. Unfortunately, along with all the moisture comes the threat and danger of mold. It is a much more serious problem when a hurricane makes landfall in Lee County. This is because several popular beach towns are located in Lee County. These include Cape Coral and Fort Meyers. Hurricanes and other heavy rainstorms bring with them torrential rain and massive storm surges. All of that moisture elevates the threat of mold. Fortunately, homeowners and business owners have a company like Restopro770 for mold recovery in Lee County.

Mold Removal Services in Cape Coral

If you discover signs of mold growing in your home you should contact someone about it immediately. Mold will continue to grow and spread throughout your home until it is abated properly. Fortunately, there are safety steps that can be taken to clean up the mold and ensure that there is no longer any health threat to you and your family. This is especially good for homeowners who live on the Gulf Coast of Florida and need mold removal in Cape Coral. RestoPro770 has the experience and necessary equipment to handle the job. They send in a team to evaluate and determine the extent of the mold and then use the industry standard processes to safely remediate and remove all of the affected material. Call 888-466-0770 to schedule mold damage services in Cape Coral area.

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